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Zero One
  Now you have your own buggie!!
Travel around the whole island in this car!!

Pokemon Snap
Nintendo's Pokemon Snap for Nintendo 64. It is a game centered around Japanese phenomenon turn American pop culture -- Pikachu and gang -- Pocket Monsters (or Pokemon for short). Pokemon Snap is, at its core, a game about snapping photos of Pocket Monsters in order to earn points -- and it's on rails. But through clever design, intuitive control, lots of traditional secrets and, of course, more than 60 Pokemon to snap pictures of and toy with, it's a game that is a lot of fun in spite of its seemingly simplistic design and nature.

*Snap pictures of your favorite Pocket Monsters in 3D environments.
*More than 60 Pokemon.
*Seven levels.
*Save 60 of your favorite photos to cartridge.
*Interact with Pokemon by throwing objects at them, playing songs, etc.
*Loads of hidden characters and secret signs.
*Create your own Pokemon album.
*In a smart marketing feat, Snap owners can bring in their cartridge and print up special sticker-sheets of their favorite Pokemon characters. Courses include:

*Rainbow Cloud

I took this picture on the day i got the game. I think he likes to be in pictures. And eat the apples!

Wait till he evolves to Beedrill!!

Keep going!!